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Frei is a social audio app that lets you broadcast your voice and join discussions with sports fans, podcast followers, radio listeners, and more. Broadcast up to 60 seconds of audio within a Station, get upvotes, gain fans, get replies, comments, or even share audio directly to Twitter. Watch the walkthrough video here:
uTalk Stations center discussions around topics that you care about. Join and subscribe to Stations to talk about sports teams, sports news, eSports, Fantasy Sports, radio shows, podcasts, and more.
Or just listen! Listener’s can upvote, respond, and share uTalk posts.
Podcasters, radio shows, and community managers can host Premium uTalk Stations to invite listeners and moderate discussions around their content. uTalk’s Premium Talk 2.0 Subscriptions allow community leaders to leverage audience engagement tools & analytics to build and maintain loyal listeners.
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